Parkop should lead Manus


I AM an avid reader of the newspapers and I enjoy the weekender and opinion sections apart from news and sports.
I have come across many articles about National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop and I respect and support him as the mind behind developing our nation’s capital.
Apart from infrastructure and social development, Parkop has ensured that the survival and livelihood of the Motu-Koitabu people are among his priorities.
When I was in school from 1986 to 1992, Parkop’s name popped up regularly in newspapers.
He became a popular and active human rights lawyer in Papua New Guinea.
Parkop built his foundation from his profession before he entered politics.
I believe he will do great for his home province, Manus, if he decides to contest there.
Manus has endorsed academics, doctors, professors, lawyers and other professionals to contest the elections, but most times, they lose to other local candidates.
I think Parkop should contest the Manus regional seat in the next election and change everything that is wrong with leadership in Manus.
Under former Manus governor Stephen Pokawin’s leadership to this day, Manus hasn’t seen enough development despite talks of big projects.
Leaders should ensure province and district funds help improve people’s living standards.
The image of Manus should be prioritised.
The funds from the Government are not at work because administrators and other executives are working in isolation.
The people are not seeing development.
Lorengau town’s infrastructure development such as the new Lorengau market, police station, sealing of roads, construction of footpaths, hospital and other projects were expected to eventuate as benefits for the Manus regional processing centre.
Manus MPs should account for this.
Manus seems to lag behind in achieving the PNG Vision 2050.
Manus is a maritime province that gain benefit a lot from fisheries.
We should invest in fisheries to sustain the province’s economy.
We have been neglected.
We’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities and we will continue to do so if we do not do anything about it.
Without a voice, Manus will remain stagnant.
This is why Parkop should return to Manus and lead the people in the way he is doing for the National Capital District.
He should return to his roots.
I believe he will have enough support.
In fact, many people in Manus believe in Parkop.
Many things are happening in the province and we will need his help in leading us.

Joni Kute,