Parkop tells police not to abuse powers

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The National, Thursday 6th September, 2012

NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has challenged policemen and women not to abuse their powers by taking the law into their own hands.
Speaking yesterday at the passing out ceremony of 212 new recruits at the Bomana Police College in Port Moresby, Parkop said there was no law allowing police to use violence in executing their duties.
Parkop, a human rights lawyer-cum-politician, told the graduates at the college that there were “rotten apples” in the force and they should not join them.
“Policing is never easy as there are challenges,” he said.
“It is obvious that we train good officers at Bomana. It is the challenges outside that affect discipline,” he said.
Parkop said all policemen and women must remain loyal to the pledge they make when passing out of the college.
“Be loyal and disciplined. It will determine your success in the force,” he said.
He said the Royal PNG Constabulary was one of the first state institutions and had a long and proud history, and every policemen and women must make it their duty to uphold that.
He urged the graduates to set goals in their career and in life.
Security is everybody’s responsibility and police will do its part but the government and the public must also assist, he said.