Parkop, uproot plants within roundabout


THIS is an open letter to my good NCD Governor NCD Powes Parkop and city manager Bernard Kipit.
Governor, you have done everything right to raise the standard of our home, our nation’s capital, Port Moresby city and I commend you for that.
You deserve to be re-elected for the next term.
However, I wish to humbly request if you could remove all flowering plants planted within the perimeters of all the roundabouts in our amazing city.
This photo shows how free of plants a typical roundabout in Cairns, Australia is designed. Without plants it isn’t ugly, is it?
It still looks beautiful and splendid.
Our roundabouts in Port Moresby are clogged with all sorts of flowering plants, causing extreme traffic hazard.
Whose idea is NCDC implementing when planting all sorts of flowering plants such as Bougainville flowers, palm trees, candle trees, etc?
Some drivers are too short, some may be half-blind, some may drive faulty vehicles, so when the plants partially cover the sight of another moving vehicle, the possibility of a nasty accident is very high.
It also causes unnecessary traffic congestions and I hope drivers would agree with me.
Roundabouts should be kept clear of encumbrances.
Governor, please let’s simply uproot all these unnecessary plants.
Though, we need to plant more trees and flowering plants to beautify our capital city, planting them within a vicinity of roundabout is a primitive idea.
It pose traffic risks.
Roundabouts are certainly wrong places to plant tall plants and grow shrubs.
Let us act upon this as a matter of urgency before lives are lost.
Prevention is better than cure!
The ball is in your court, my Governor.

Angelyn Jamali Cardo
Cairns, QLD, Australia

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