Parkop urges media to be fair in reporting on city’s changes

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NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has urged the media to exercise sensitivity when reporting on changes happening around the city and how these were affecting ordinary people.
“It is very critical that the media understand what I am trying to do and convey that to our people in positive way,” he said last Friday at the small barbeque organised for media personnel at the Taurama Leisure Centre.
Parkop said he understood the media’s crucial role in disseminating information to the public.
However, he said there needed to be balanced views on how decisions  affected the public.
Parkop was referring to complaints especially from buai sellers or street vendors raised through the
media recently.
“I accept that some of the decisions or actions we make will affect some people and can be challenging but we will continue to push for change in the city to make our city more livable and free from fear,” he said.
“What needs to be understood is that there are sides to the story that needs to be told.
“Their side, our side and the truth.” 
Parkop thanked the media for giving good publicity throughout the year and urged the industry to take ownership of his vision to make change though beautification programmes, and improving the city’s image by imposing ban on buai markets or sales in public places.
“As one person I cannot but if we have equal minded people pushing for that change, then I believe that change will come.”
Parkop said the most challenging task was trying to get people to change their attitudes and show sense of ownership of the city.
There also other challenges like social, economic, political, health and educations cited by the governor and he is trying to change all that by beginning with clean and safe environment and hygiene though some of his programmes.