Parkop urges residents to make city a safe place for women

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NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says women must feel free to walk in the city without fear of harassment and intimidation.
Speaking during the weekly Active City Development Walk and Yoga for Life Programme in Port Moresby on Sunday, he said: “They (women) must feel safe to go to the movies, night clubs, shops, schools, churches and markets.”
The Walk also coincided with Mother’s Day. Parkop urged all men and boys in the country to treat women, including their mothers, like it was Mother’s Day every day.
He urged everyone to step up to ensure women felt safe and empowered in the city.
Parkop thanked all the mothers for their unconditional love to their families and their contributions to the society.
He said mothers protected, defended, loved and molded their children.
Parkop also urged people not to eat sugary and high fat food.
He said he regretted to learn about a 23-year-old heart disease patient who shouldn’t be having such issues.
“Heart disease is common among old people between the ages of 60 and 80,” Parkop said.
“We lack consciousness about our health and we must give greater priority to our health and wellness.”
Parkop led the walk, with members of the PNG Defence Force and students from various schools.