Parkop wants army to help

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The National, Friday 24th August 2012

NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop is working on a submission to engage the defence force to help curb crime in the city.
Speaking at the swearing-in of MPs in Port Moresby yesterday, Parkop said it was a new initiative he wanted to see in developing the city.
“I want to engage the defence force to help address crime in the city. I am now working on a submission that I want to put to the government to have the PNG Defence Force come in and support the police.
“I believe it would take only one battalion to help reduce crime in the city. The police have been doing their best but cannot perform almost everything because of a lack of capacity,” he said.
Parkop said he wanted the city to be a safe place for women, children and visitors, which was something people wanted and needed.
“Our people want a city where women can freely move around at night without been raped, or harassed.
“This is the kind of city they want and we must work hard to ensure we deliver,” he said.
Apart from strengthening numbers to keep law and order, Parkop said he intended to have more street lights installed.
He said many parts of the city needed lights to prevent criminal acts such as robbery, car thefts and hold ups.
“More people are buying vehicles and we have no choice but to build more roads.
“The economy of the country is growing, and  so is the city, so we need to grow by building more roads,” Parkop said.