Parkop wants entities structured to help planning


NATIONAL Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop wants the Government to structure state-owned entities (SOEs) to help in planning major cities and towns.
Parkop, while commenting on the merger of Eda Ranu and Water PNG Ltd, told Parliament that the Government should come up with a model that would work for cities and towns.
The National Water Supply and Sanitation (Amendment) Bill 2020 passed by Parliament would now pave the way for the merger.
“We at the NCD Commission are happy that we are getting 10 per cent shares and it will enable us to be on the board,” Parkop said.
“But now under Water PNG, it would be nationwide so that might be a problem.
“You need to structure it well so we can have an input and can help Eda Ranu to plan.
“I’m concerned about Eda Ranu and PNG Power because they have not planned in advance.
“Eda Ranu now would be merged so how does that fit into the model considering the challenges of PNG Power, Telikom and PNG Ports?
“We need a model that works in making profit but at the same time there is balance in the service.
“PNG Power had invested a lot of money into generating electricity into the city but the infrastructure hasn’t been built.
“People are buying it (electricity) themselves.
“They are illegally connecting power and water which is not good for planning.
“I’m not against you (minister) but I’m just giving my suggestions so that when you restructure and we move to the new arrangement, please remember that you are there because we pay rates.”