Parkop welcomes Rambi intervention

National, Normal

NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has welcomed the intervention by Police Minister Sani Rambi over the Gari Baki-Anthony Wagambie reinstatement saga.
Mr Parkop was commenting on Mr Rambi’s instruction last Tuesday to Police Commissioner Gari Baki to “immediately reinstate” Mr Wagambie as the acting Deputy Police Commissioner without further delay.
“Mr Wagambie had served with distinction during his term as the Metropolitan Commander for the National Capital District and should be treated with dignity with due respect to Police Commissioner Gari Baki,” he said.
Mr Parkop said it was proper that the matter be settled amicably, and out of court, so the police force was intact to serve the people of Papua New Guinea effectively.
Meanwhile, in an unrelated matter, he said he had received a letter from Koiari landowners regarding their grievances which, they claimed, the Government had not adequately addressed.
Mr Parkop said the grievances were out his jurisdiction because Koiari district was in Central province.
They (Koiari landowners) own the water resource which supplies water and electricity to Port Moresby and other areas of Central province.