Parliament pays retired MPs: Vela


PARLIAMENTARY Services is responsible for paying retired MPs their pensions after their term ends, Clerk Vela Konivaro says.
Konivaro told The National that the Parliament was in charge of four payrolls, including the retired MPs’ benefits.
He said while in office, the MPs contributed to their retirement benefits, so upon retirement they automatically benefited from the fund.
“The retirement benefits fund is administered by Parliament and the purpose of the fund is to provide retirement benefits of former MPs,” Konivaro said.
“On a fortnightly basis, we have grants that are given by the Finance Department to deal with these five payrolls.”
He said those five grants to cater for five payrolls included current serving MPs, their staff, Parliamentary Services staff, their casual staff and retired MPs.
“The current serving MPs also employ staff during their term and their payroll is taken care of by Parliamentary Services.
“Parliamentary Services staff are public servants and are also on the payroll and they are funded by Parliament.
“Parliamentary Services requires casuals so they are employed and their payroll is also taken care of under these funds.
“Former MPs are also on the payroll so they are catered for on their retirement.”
Konivaro said retired MPs were well catered for under the Salaries and Remuneration Commission determination on retirement benefits packages.
“How much pension they get depends on the contributions they had made during their term of parliament,” he said.
“If they made big contributions, they do get bigger benefits.
“Those who served longer terms also receive bigger benefits. The pension applies to all former MPs.
“After the MPs pass on, their families will continue to benefit from the retirement fund.”