Parliament to meet for a day

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The National – Thursday, February 17, 2011

PARLIAMENT will be recalled for a day’s sitting next Friday to swear in the governor-general-elect, Michael Ogio.
Cabinet sources said the government’s only agenda would be the swearing-in of Ogio. The house would then adjourn to May.
At the moment, Ogio could not assume the office of the governor-general or present his credentials to the queen until he had been sworn in.
This will be the second time parliament would be recalled, since it was adjourned (to May 10) last November, to deal with matters concerning the office of the governor-general.
Parliament was first recalled on Jan 11 after the Supreme Court voided the election of Sir Paulias Matane and ordered parliament to meet within 40 days to elect a new governor-general. Ogio was elected on Jan 14 beating rival Sir Pato Kakaraya 65-23. Eight votes were declared informal.
Parliament was ill-advised and elected to resume in May. However, realising that Ogio could not take up office until he was sworn in, arrangements had been made for the house to meet next Friday.
Speaker of parliament Jeffery Nape is acting governor-general.
Upon his election as GG, Ogio automatically lost his political representation as member for North Bougainville and minister for higher education, science and technology in cabinet. The ministerial portfolio had been vested in the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.