Parlt to Church: Establish uni

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THE United Church has been given the green light by Parliament to establish a university in partnership with the Government.
The United Church in PNG Incorporation Bill 2019 was passed on voices in yesterday’s Parliament sitting.
Central Bougainville MP Sam Akoitai, who introduced it to the House, said the university, currently known as the United Church College of Higher Education, would provide quality education and training in theology, education, health, community development and leadership.
“The United Church recognises the independence it enjoys under the Constitution’s democratic principles and will speak out against unbiblical influences, injustices and corruption in the church, public and private sectors and communities,” he said.
“It is a founding member of the PNG Council of Churches and had been a partner in the delivery of education and health services prior to and since independence.”
Akoitai said the church was mindful of PNG’s 2050 Vision, the Government’s development aspirations as laid out in the PNG Development Cooperation Policy 2018-2022, and the medium term development plan from 2018 to 2022.
He said the bill recognised the United Church of PNG in its current structure and enabled the church to fulfil its vision.
“The United Church exists to teach, preach and live the good news of Jesus Christ in faith, life and witness.
“The church continues to be a development partner with the government’s public policies,” Akoitai said.

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