Parlt to debate death penalty

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PARLIAMENT will continue to debate whether the death penalty is maintained in the criminal code, Prime Minister James Marape says.
Marape was responding to NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s questions about 11 prisoners who had been on death row for over 10 years.
He said Parliament would decide whether to change the laws.
“They have committed crimes that warrant that penalty.
“These prisoners would be happy that Parliament had never really deliberated on the method of execution.
“Those on death row have been given mercy and extended life because Parliament was not able to secure the path to termination of life,” he said.
Marape said there was study made to find out different forms of termination of life but Parliament had not made any decision on it. “I will allow Justice Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Davis Steven to pick up this conversation and for us to decide whether we still maintain the death penalty or shift away from that to life imprisonment.
“It’s something that the wisdom of this Parliament must direct as to how these laws are fully implemented or reconstructed for the betterment of the country.
“Having safer laws and stronger penalties is something that we must have. “We already have the death penalty in our criminal code so those are put in place as a deterrent for crimes of that magnitude,” he said.
Marape said law and order was a big issue in the country.
The reason for the long delay was because the method of execution had not been decided.
“I’ve instructed the Correctional Services Minister Chris Nangoi to convert prisons into an industry.
“We must re-educate them (prisoners) with some technical and vocational skills.
“Most prisons have land and prisoners are being fed and clothed free of charge so why not allow them to contribute back to civil society.”
In the instance of those on death row, Parliament can debate on this. We are a Christian country but justice must be done.
“Greater consensus of Parliament must decide the way forward,” Marape said.


  • Thank you Prime Minister for considering parliamentary consensus on this issue. As a Christian nation, irrespective of whether we live a purely Christ-like life or not, when our Constitution declares PNG a Christian Country, we are bound to follow Christs teachings and instructions….eg: forgive 70 times 70….as individuals or as a Country.

    And in the case of those sentenced to the Death Penalty, and in a nation professing Christ, “Life Sentencing” would be most appropriate. We as a nation can never play God and decide on whether one should die or not…let God be the final Judge…lest we be judged with the same measure.

  • Further to other serious criminal offense committed like Rape, Murder and Armed Robberies, I personally think and this is my view and recommend that the Government must immediately pass a law in Parliament for this offenders that they must be be punished by our Police Department as the executing arm of Government by way of shooting their right leg’s off either it be at their knee’s or just below the hip griddle would do greatly, By then they will be paralyzed and I don’t think they will be capable or able to do or commit those kinds of serious crimes again. even thought they still want to take part but with their disability I don’t think they will be able to commit them again. Thank you so much.

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