Partial lockdown

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Jack Kariko

THE National and Supreme Courts in Waigani are in a week-long partial lockdown from yesterday to Tuesday, National Judicial Staff Services secretary Jack Kariko says.
“All court staff are now required to get vaccinated for Coronavirus (Covid-19) during the partial lockdown,” he added.
Kariko said in a media statement that all divisional managers/heads within the services, the courts and court tracks were required to submit by the close of business on Thursday a list of names of the staff or persons who had been vaccinated.
“The list must also be updated constantly,” he added.
Kariko said all staff in the registrar’s office and the registry trust account division and other staff must now get a Covid-19 test, self-isolate for seven days and get tested again after isolation.
“From Tuesday, staff will be required to show their green vaccination card before being allowed to enter court premises.”
The services’ Sheriff and security division will strictly enforce a “no green vaccination card, no entry” mandate.
“Staff who have yet to be vaccinated will be required to show a negative Covid-19 PRC (polymerase chain reaction) test result to security officials before being allowed in whilst staff who do not produce their test result will not be allowed into the court premises from Tuesday,” he added.
Kariko said the instructions would also apply to all lawyers and court visitors in addition to measures announced by the National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning and the court’s Covid-19 protocols.
“Any staff who defy the instructions will be referred to the office of the services secretary for further disciplinary action (s),” he added.
The Supreme Court sitting fixed for next week (Oct 25 to Oct 29) will proceed unaffected, but under strict compliance of all Covid-19 measures, protocols and instructions.
The court premises will also be cleaned and sanitised today.