Participants told to be good leaders

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BAISU Correctional officers and male detainees attended a day workshop on equal employment opportunity (EEO) last Thursday at Baisu jail outside Mt Hagen.
The theme was “Fathers are leaders, not bosses, CS officers are role models”.
EEO coordinator, Lance Corporal Maria Siure said naturally, fathers are regarded as head of the family and leaders but they must possess the leadership qualities to become good bosses.
She encouraged officers and detainees to make a just and fair decision in work places and homes in handling any conflicts or any other matters.
She urged them to avoid favouritism, nepotism, provincialism, briberies and sexual favors.
Cpll Siure told the male counterparts to be honest when showing their leadership qualities.
She said EEO is a tool for good governance and good business practice, therefore, if all men are God-fearing and uphold the Bible teachings, then they would be regarded as good leaders.
 “Let’s try our best to weed out corruption with prayerful hearts for a change in our country,” she said.
She said in most cases men were allowed to make decisions but sometimes women too must be allowed to share the responsibility and make decisions.
Cpl Siure said that sometimes, when men make decisions, some women do not agree and therefore, to make a good and just decision, it needs collective efforts.
 She urged all Correctional Service officers and male prisoners to obey God first by respecting their wives, children and colleagues in order to become good fathers and managers.
Baisu Jail commanding officer Chief Supt  Sobaim thanked Cpl Siure for organising the workshop and sharing thoughtful messages.
He encouraged all officers and prisoners to put into practice what they learnt and spend more time with their families.