Partner with rural farmers


THE world is on the verge of multiple famines of biblical proportions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
The Government and many stakeholders involved in agriculture should mobilise all rural farmers to supply taro, tapioca, potatoes, kaukau (sweet potato), bananas, marine produce and fresh water for export to countries that are starving.
The worst affected countries with an estimated 150 million people starving are Yemen, Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria, Nigeria, Haiti and East Timor.
This famines have created a real genuine opportunity for our Government and agro industries to partner our rural farmers to give money to hard working rural villagers who have gardens in many parts of rural PNG.
Perhaps a new entity should be registered with Investment Promotion Authority to enter into partnership with the World Food Programme Directorate to manage this new venture to save potentially 230 million starving people throughout the world who will starve to death.

John Samar,
Port Moresby

One thought on “Partner with rural farmers

  • It is even better for us to practice that but today’s generation would find very hard to do. Absolutely, it’s very hard because our father don’t thought us how to make garden.
    However, it’s very best as the perspective of our government. There’ll be perfect betterment of our living after 10 to 20 years if all the latest generation know how to make garden.
    Hopefully, we could teach the upcoming youths.

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