Partners revive abattoir


AN estimated annual turnover of K30 million to K50 million is expected from the Wariman Abattoir and cattle holding paddock in East Sepik after it is rehabilitated.
This followed the signing of a memorandum of understanding recently between the Livestock Development Corporation Ltd (LDC), landowners and the East Sepik government to start the rehabilitation.
The Wariman Abattoir is one of five abattoirs in the country owned by the LDC.
The others are in Port Moresby and Goroka.
LDC managing director Terry Koim said the need to rehabilitate the Wariman abattoir was prompted by the Government’s plans to invest in the Sepik Plains which included the largest cattle ranch at Urimo.
The rehabilitation will cost more than K5 million.
The LDC is discussing with one of Australia’s largest cattle producers for a partnership which would see cattle brought in from the Northern Territory for processing at the Wariman Abattoir.
This will contribute to import replacement of boxed beef cuts which PNG pays an average of K350 million annually for.
The abattoir is expected to create up to 500 jobs for locals from cattle handling to slaughtering, processing, marketing and logistics among others.


  • Great initiative to revive the Wariman Abattoir. Bringing in cattle from NT can be for a short term to meet demand but cattled could be raised in country or brought in from Lae/Markam/Kabwum, Kimbe, Urimo and other places. SME could explore this to meet the demand for cattles. Thinkthink nomore.

  • Better still, establish cattle ranches in Sepik Plains to supply the abattoir rather than importing- which will certainly have import content pricing of beef.

  • Great initiative to revive the Wariman Abbatoir LDC, however the NT import should be a short-medium term approach complimented by domestic cattle (Morobe and WNBP particularly), in the long run cattle breeding must be encouraged from within the greater Sepik regions, as a means of containing and building the economy.

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