Partnership to help locals

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A car dealer has given people the opportunity to own a Hino Dutro Truck at an affordable price.
Ela Motors Senior Consultant Hino Sales, Vai Ora said Ela Motors Ltd and National Development Bank (NDB) through a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) have provided the average person an opportunity, not only to own a truck, but also to venture into the PMV business.
He said the scheme is aimed at reaching the rural communities of Central to create business awareness by informing communities about the Hino Dutro Truck and how it could be used to improve  their lives.
Speaking at the Ela Motors Hino Campaign at Upulima Agricultural Station, Central last week, he urged the public to use this opportunity to form corporative groups and venture into the PMV business.
He said owning a Hino Dutro truck is a gain as the repayment period is only 2 years. The truck is K104, 990 and with the PMV kit is K115, 990.He said under the scheme people should amass a minimum of
K60, 000.00 in order to satisfy the financial requirements expected by NDB. The 20 per cent equity to get a NDB loan depends on how they want to receive the vehicle;

  • 20 per cent for cargo truck only K20,998.00
  • 20 per cent for cargo truck with PMV kit K23,198.00

He said the special features included a turbo engine, steel tray body, heavy duty suspension, and a carrying capacity of 25 passengers and/or 3.5 tonnes of general cargo not to mention comfort and reliability.
NDB Lending officer, John Yalo said under the scheme NDB is providing a loan to eligible Papua New Guineans to purchase the Hino Dutro truck from Ela Motors by getting a loan from NDB, on a reduced 20 per cent equity requirement.
He said the scheme gives more flexibility to prospective buyers to purchase the Hino Dutro truck for PMV/hire operations.
According to Navara Ugava a Police officer attached with the Upulima Police, with a growing population of 4450 people, there was a tremendous need for transportation, especially considering the distance to travel to Port Moresby. It would really help if locals form corporative groups to help them become eligible to acquire a loan to start a PMV business.
He said the PMV fare was K20 and now some PMV’s are charging K25 thus the situation would improve only if the villagers own a PMV truck.
He also expressed gratitude to the Ela Motors sales team for such promotions as it was the first of its kind in the area. The promotion is more community oriented thus gives the general public the opportunity to see the vehicle, ask technical questions and enquire about the loan process and procedure.
“Information is available to us at the village so it is now a challenge for us to save money and form corporative groups to buy the Hino Truck,” he said.

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