Party leader wants govt and opposition to work together

National, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 26th 2011

THE People’s Progress Party in the highlands has called for the government and opposition to work together for the remaining term of this Parliament.
Party spokesman and Eastern Highlands branch president Benzamin Lele made the call in Goroka this week.
“There is infighting among the National Alliance (NA) regional leaders which means there is no stability in the party,” he said.
“I call for a unity government to be formed,” Lele said.
He said a new prime minister must be appointed and it must be one, “who should have the country at heart and is a highly disciplined statesman of the calibre of former prime minister and PPP leader Sir Julius Chan.
“We need a very experienced prime minster like Sir Julius to take the country into the next election.
“I support leaders like Ken Fairweather at this time of political turbulences where PNG is not in good hands,” he said.
Lele said opposition and government members must have the people at heart and avoid fighting to establish a stable government for the common good of the people.
He said there would be internal conflict among the NA leaders if one of them succeeded in replacing Sir Michael Somare as prime minister.
“Therefore a government comprising both opposition and government members will be more stable than ever,” Lele said.