Party queries govts on the negligence of Lai LLG

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 4th January 2012

UPNG journalism student

INDIGENOUS People’s Party Southern Highlands province coordinator Mathew Pore claims the people of Lai Valley LLG have been neglected and mistreated on service delivery by successive leaders.
He questioned the Lai Valley LLG, Mendi joint district planning committee and the Southern Highlands provincial government why the Lai LLG had been neglected for the past five years.
He said the leaders they had elected over the years “are selfish and self-centred and do not have the heart for the people of Lai Valley.
He had urged councillors and the people of Lai Valley to make critical decisions in the coming election to choose a leader who would deliver service to the community.
“Lai people must not sell their votes in the 2012 election and make decisions to elect a good leader who will develop Lai valley and Mendi,” he said.
He told the people if they continued to sell their votes they would suffer in the long run.
He asked why Lai valley councillors were fighting on the streets with the district administrator and the council president.
Pore said the 14 councillors arrested last Thursday were fighting for good governance because they had not seen any real development in the LLG.
He urged police in Mendi to investigate the affairs of Lai valley LLG, the district administration and the Southern Highlands LLG coordinator.
 “We have a system of rules and guidelines to operate under to deliver services and these people are hijacking the system for their own interest,” he said.