Party says visionary leadership lacking

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The National, Wednesday 30th November 2011

NATIONAL Party president David Yak says the country needs visionary and good leaders.
At a party corporate dinner held at Lae International Hotel last Saturday, Yak said for the past 39 years, the PNG National Party had played a vital role in the country’s political history with naturally talented and good leaders in the likes of Sir Thomas Kavali, Sir Iambakey Okuk, Paul Pora and the late Joe Mek Teine.
“We need to contemplate on how well we will bring this country forward. Our country is now at a crossroad and needs good managers to look after our God-blessed resource-rich nation,” he said.
“PNG is a nation which is geographically situated with huge potential to become one of the richest nations in the world.
“It really does not matter how hard we create strategic and economic policies, set goals and visions, including the much talked about Vision 2050, we will still fall,” he said.
“This country needs visionary leadership that will bring this country forward and the party has experience from its record in the political history, business, and infrastructure development.
“With this record, the party is confident to take this party into another level for tangible service delivery to the vast population of this country.”
Yak said one of the party’s primary objectives was to raise funds to pursue its aims and goals during and after the returning of writs and formation of the new government next year.
Yak said that party was established in 1968 by some of the pioneer elites and boasted a number of members in the First House of Assembly in 1972.
“The party had leaders represented on the floor of parliament until the passing away of the late MP Joe Mek Teine in April, which left it without a leader.
“We are an institution where everyone is part of us. This institution does not belong to a single person, it is for the people of Papua New Guinea.”
Guest speaker Kelly Naru said to begin anything, “Lae city is the place for its central location which then spreads out to other centres”.
He urged the party to stick by its policies to achieve what it yearned to do for the country.