Party unity questioned


THE saying “a picture tells many stories” cannot be more pronounced than in last Thursday’s issue of The National (pages 2-3) showing worried looking MPs staring blankly at the photographer while the caption read “Coalition MPs showing unity”.
The normal expected behaviour in such circumstances would be of joy, happiness and celebrative gestures such as victory signs, thumbs up or cheers.
There were none in that unity photo at last Wednesday’s press conference.
Apart from a wry grin from PM James Marape, other MPs in the photo including Governor Ginson Saonu and William Samb were grim faced staring into the empty space.
For Saonu, Pangu MPs and supporters in Morobe, we should indeed be worried as we are now getting back into bed with a party leader who promised so much in the 2017 campaign speech and delivered little for Morobe.
Here is a leader who desperately wants to be prime minister that he went around promoting his leadership credentials for the post even before all seats were declared.
It is the same leader who made the mistake of self-proclamation resulting in Pangu waiting in vain in Goroka without any significant moves from major coalition parties.
What more does Pangu need to isolate itself from such confused political leadership?
God through his intervention has delivered Pangu new leadership in hope that we may move away from the greed and pride that showed its head in 2017 party leadership and Pangu has not learnt a lesson.
I hope the unity agreement comes good for the party in 2022, for the press conference showed signs of political marriage rushed through due to uncertainty from both parties.
For Morobe supporters, we see a lot from this single photo.
We see a desperate man trying to cling to power by changing his clothes for a new party and find friends who can help him retain his seat.
But Morobe and Bulolo people are not stupid.
We have waited 15 years for change in vain and we will deliver political change as the government is by the people and for the people and not for a single person.
Despite this rushed through marriage, Pangu must put up candidates in all electorates of Morobe or else the party will lose the support as a result of hanging around confused leadership.
Over to you party leader Marape and deputy Saonu.

Lifelong Pangu Supporter,

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