Passengers required to fill form


PASSENGERS travelling on domestic Air Niugini flights will be required to complete an application form to get approval before checking-in for flights, the airline said.
In a statement, the airline said valid photo identification was also required.
The form and instructions on how to complete the approval process can be obtained at any Air Niugini sales offices or downloaded from the airline’s website.
Passengers must return a hard copy to the airline’s sales office or send it through email.
“Our staff will get these forms approved for you,” the airline said.
“Where you include your email address on the form, it will be emailed back to you.
“Alternatively, if you do not include an email address, you can pick up the approved form at the Air Niugini sales office where you completed the form.
“The approval process will take some time, we therefore, advise passengers to fill the travel application form as early as possible, but certainly at least 24 hours prior to the travel date.
“You can go ahead with your booking and payment prior to the controller’s approval, but the risk is that if your travel is not approved, we cannot check you in.
“Should this happen, Air Niugini can rebook your travel to a later date without penalties, or provide you with a credit.
“However, we cannot provide a refund.
“Travel is currently restricted to students or persons returning to their usual place of residence or education institute, those travelling for essential services, essential exempted business travel and emergency transport, including but not limited to repatriation of deceased persons.”
Air Niugini is currently operating regular flights to all destinations throughout PNG.

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