Pastor backs Zurenuoc

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The National, Monday December 16th, 2013

 THE Lutheran Renewal Church says ancient carvings in Parliament should be removed because they depict evil.

Church president Pastor Wilson Mark has called on the leaders to allow God alone to direct every move and decision they make for the country.

Mark said Papua New Guinea was a Christian country and leaders should not make decisions based on traditional beliefs but on God’s Word.

Mark made this statement while supporting Speaker Theo Zurenouc’s decision to remove the historical carving and artworks from the Parliament House.

He said the carvings were evil.

Mark said PNG was always facing leadership crisis because of the carvings and artworks in Parliament House.

He said the carvings depicted evil powers and knowledge.

“I agree with what the Speaker suggested because these carvings are signs of evil and they represent the devil.”

He suggested that the carvings and artworks should be kept at the museum.

Mark said Zurenouc was chosen by God to become a leader for this nation.