Pastor, council members to hold reconciliation


ENGA Christian Apostolic Fellowship (CAF) pastors are calling on leaders of all churches to work together to spread the Gospel for the good of Christians.
CAF pastors from Enga made this comment in regards to a reconciliation programme for a long standing issue between a pastor and pioneer of the CAF church and church council members in Wapenamanda, Enga.
The CAF church called on pastors, layman and invitees throughout Papua New Guinea to witness the reconciliation programme today at Wapenamanda, Itakupos CAF church.
The call for reconciliation was made by Ps Kati on July 10 at the National CAF Wokman Seminar held in Aviamp Bible College, Western Highlands, where he handed a letter to CAF Supt Ps Matthew Tapus and witnessed by Ps Anson Ising and missionary Ian Grant.
Kati made a general announcement to other pastors attending the seminar, of his intention to reconcile.
The CAF had been affected by the issue concerning the pastor and the council since 2014.

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