Pastor encourages youths to be happy with what they have


A Lutheran pastor is urging young people to be content with what they have and use it to be a blessing to others.
Pastor Kulem Mionzing of Benong Parish in the Lae city circuit of the Evangelical Lutheran Church was calling on young people to look after little they have.
He said this during the graduation of two pastors and 18 youths after attending two weeks of personal viability training conducted by Beilo Barnabas of Human Development Institute.
“Look after little you have learnt and earned in life. Use it as a blessing to others,” Mionzing said.
He said many young minds have been infiltrate by devil that they don’t value their lives with what they were doing and having.
“The devil has given you many bad thoughts that you have looked down on yourselves,” he said.
Mionzing said young people think that having little was having nothing in life, but that was not true.
“You think that you are incapable and don’t have anything. Be content with little you know and make good use of it. Let it translate into something beneficial for others,” he said
“Many youths think they are no body, and the devil keeps suppressing them. Look to God now because he would turn small things into big in your life. His grace brings full contentment in life whether you think you have little or nothing at all.”
Mionzing said young people at productive age must appreciate little you have and lead others to think positively.
“The knowledge gained through the training is to help ourselves and others,” he said.
“Learn to share with and care for others. Be a change maker that it must happen first within us and then to others.”

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