Pastor: Prayer only weapon against devil, evil forces


A Christian Outreach Centre (COC) Church pastor in Jiwaka has encouraged Christians to take up prayer as the only weapon against increasing evil.
Banz Victory COC pastor Joe Pokil told church members during Christmas fellowship that they had to be vigilant in order to prevent destruction brought by the devil.
“Satan does not respect anyone,” he said.
“It can destroy our family, businesses, education, future and eventually take us to hell.
“It is already deceiving many of our people, especially very productive young men and women around Banz and Jiwaka.
“Every day our young people are consuming alcohol, taking marijuana, fighting and creating a lot of problems in the communities and towns.
“We cannot fight these demons with flesh and blood. This is a spiritual warfare.
“The tool for this warfare is prayer.
“We have to take our prayer life to the next level by reading and mediating day and night on the Word of God, observe faithfully daily praise and worship, and draw the power of the Holy Spirit.
“As Christians, we cannot watch helplessly while the devil continues to take our people into captivity.”
Pokil described hell as “a terrible and miserable place that contains tormenting fire and having no end to punishing sinners”.
“We should be happy because Jesus has already defeated Satan,” he said.
“We are God’s people and as Christians, we have an enormous battle to fight to win back lost souls.”

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