Pastor reveals his secret to strong and lasting marriage


A PASTOR has told a newly married couple that faithfulness, trust, truthful, honesty and love were the foundation of a long-lasting and strong marital relationship.
Holy Spirit Movement Ministries World-wide Churches president Pastor Clement Tep was advising Benjamin Pilyo and Japhlin Waka during their engagement ceremony in Port Moresby on Sunday.
Originally from Enga, they are members of the church at 9-Mile in Port Moresby.
Tep said marriage was a long-lasting bond between a man and a woman.
“The Bible said a man must leave his parents to be with his wife, and so is the woman. To establish that there must be these pillars of relationship in place,” he said. Many couple love each other at the beginning of their relationship, but that does not last.
“This world is full of gossips, anxiety, anger, jealousy, shortages, and unfaithfulness that leads to the breakdown of the family unit.”
He said many marital relationships were being challenged because they had too many Facebook friends and phone friends.
“Faithfulness, trust, being truthfulness to each other, honesty and love binds the marriage.,” he said

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