Pastor sees big role for Sunday school


CHILDREN are a blessing from God and parents therefore need to nurture them, starting with Sunday school classes to instil in them the Christian faith, says a pastor.
Rev Ba’afekec Bamiringnuc, of the Calvary Lutheran parish in Lae, said it was important for parents to cultivate the word of God in their children at an early stage.
“The avenue to raise the children to learn and embrace the word of God is at home and the Sunday school classes,” he said.
He said the Lutheran Church’s Sunday school lessons were structured to set the appropriate foundation for children from aged five years up to 12 years then continue with the confirmation classes.
Bamiringnuc said that the influence of science and technology was manipulating the core elements of family unity and principles of loving, sharing and caring for others.
“The influence is driving out human moral principles within family tenets, therefore parents must remain steadfast by faith in our parental duty, roles and responsibilities to teach the word of God and pray with children at home and encourage them to be confident and obedient to face the world as they grow up,” Bamiringnuc said.
Bamiringnuc said that the scripture says that “he who wants to enter the kingdom of the God must be like a child”.
“He who entices a child to fall in sin, he shall tie his neck with a rope attached to a stone and dive into the deep sea,” he said.