Pastor shares sermon on sovereignty


Capital City Baptist Church pastor Matt Allen shared a sermon about the righteous sovereign last Sunday.
Allen said God will keep every one of his promises but God also had the right to choose to whom he will give his promise.
“God is sovereign; he is in control of all things. In Romans chapter 8, it says, all things include the bad things that happen to us. He brings bad things into our lives because he knows what is good for us. He is in control from start to finish, the bad things he brings into our lives, he knows that they will conform us into his image so you can live a holy life,” he said.
Allen said sovereignty did not start from the moment you were saved.
“Don’t think that when you were lost, I did my own thing and now I put my trust in Christ, now becomes sovereign. He has always been sovereign from the beginning.”
Allen told the congregation God has a plan for everyone.
“Ephesians 1:4, he chose you before the foundation of the world that you should be holy and without blame before him.
He chose you to conform to the image of his son,” Allen added.

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