Pastor tells parishioners to serve only one master


A PARISH pastor in Bulolo has reminded Christians to serve God as their only master in life through positive attitudes and good deeds.
Bulolo’s Saint Steven Lutheran parish pastor Yaling Ngayaeng said people were serving two masters by their deeds and attitudes.
“Don’t serve two masters. Jesus is looking at a person who does not have many things in life,” he said.
“If you want to follow Jesus, carry your cross. Give your body, soul and spirit wholeheartedly to God’s work,” Ngayaeng said.
He shared from the Gospel of Luke 9:5 and supporting verses from the Book of 1 Corinthians 6:18 and Luke 12:9.
“Where your treasure is, is where your heart, home and whole life is,” Ngayaeng said.
“Heaven is where your treasure is. Bible is your treasure while on earth. “It gives life; you find life in bible on earth. Bible, Christ, grace and faith alone.
“Don’t look back when making a decision to move forward. You might fall in your Christian faith if you want to turn back to ungodly things.
“We are sinners but when we confess Jesus, we will enter God’s kingdom.”
The Bulolo Town parish pastor delivered homily during Sam Saling (parish conference) at Bayliss settlement.
The conference was hosted by Bayliss, New Camp and Kisim Bek congregations last weekend.
Issues affecting the church and congregation were discussed with solutions suggested.
Next conference will be hosted by Ekopa, Mausboks, and Pine Top congregations.
Parish chairman Mark Lisek thanked everyone for supporting the Sam Saling.

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