Pastor thanks retired bishop for ministry


LEADING United church pastor in East New Britain (ENB) and pastor of the New Covenant Ministry International Gereson Passingan has commended retired Bishop Rev Nathaniel Pairuia for launching the New Voice of Prophesy Ministry.
Ps Passingan thanked Rev Pairuia, who was his mentor in his early days as a young man aspiring to be a pastor.
“I call him my papa in spirit because he was my mentor and I am returning the respect by honouring great man of God,” he said.
Ps Passingan said Rev Pairuia had been instrumental in setting up the new ministry that would assist in the church’s work on Duke of York Island and in the province.
He said he would help Rev Pairuia launch the new ministry and provide support.
Meanwhile, Ps Passingan said the ward government and churches need to work together to improve spiritual development in the communities.
He urged the Government to partner with churches.
He said Duke of York would only progress if the people changed their attitude and improve their lives.