Pastor urges Christians to make church a house of pray, worship


CHRISTIANS should make churches a house of pray and worship daily and not only on days that are marked for such activities.
Foursquare Gospel Church of Papua New Guinea Pastor David Sam made the remarks during the opening of a new church at Wancha village in Wampar, Morobe last Saturday.
“Despite the type of building built for the purpose of worship, but if church members are not using it regularly for pray, it has no meaning at all,” Sam said.
He said a church was a house of pray and not a music house, elementary school or community house meeting. He said people have no regard to church buildings and domestic animals have roamed freely in and out of churches with shrubs growing around it.
“Once there is no regular visit to the church buildings to pray or worship, other things will come in and that is not good.” Sam urged his congregation not to hide and attend church services rather to walk into the church publicly.