Pastor urges parents to set good, positive examples for children


A PASTOR has urged parents to set good and positive examples for their children to follow.
Church of the Nazarene Sunday School Discipleship Ministry International coordinator Rev Aggie Kafoa warned parents to be careful of how they conduct themselves.
“As parents, we should be very careful what we do and say because our children watch us. Children imitate what we do,” she said.
Kafoa reminded parents of the words of the song: “Oh be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little mouth what you say, for the father above he’s looking down in love”. She said responsible parents encouraged their children to go to church.
Kafoa opened a new Sunday school church at the Moimb Nazarene Church in the Kimil-Dei circuit on Saturday.
Church of the Nazarene Jiwaka North District Sunday School president Elis Galnga wanted to see every church has a Sunday school classroom.
“This is where the future of the church rests and this is where our future church leaders, district superintendents, lawyers and accountants can be bred,” he said.
Seven members of the Moimb Nazarene Church, including six Sunday school children were baptised.
“We had 25 people already baptised and became church members and today we witness seven more souls joining the church,” Gaima said. “The church is growing and expanding.”