Pastor: Wrong to exploit girls

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The National, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013


THE leader of a faith-based organisation is condemning the exploitation of underage girls to promote the sex trade and human trafficking in the country.

Pr Daniel Hewali said it was against the law and, as a Christian nation, “it is totally immoral to allow the trend of so called ‘Mosko Girls’ as reported in the media last week to continue”.

 “The exploitation of underage girls in nightclubs and other private businesses as hostesses or to provide companionship to men is appalling,” he said.

“Our law does not allow businesses to operate this way so it is the authorities that need to monitor this industry and ensure laws are implemented with rules and regulations complied with.

“The concerned businesses are not following the proper business ethics, abusing vulnerable teenage girls who are desperate for employment pushing them into the sex trade arena.”

Hewali said there was a need to find out why these teenage girls decided to go into this industry.

“Maybe there is an unfair distribution of wealth and these girls are pushed into this type of employment to support their families however I still strongly condemn it because there are other ways and means to make a living and this way is just being lazy,” he said.

“Parents have a big responsibility to stop this immoral high risk behaviour that their daughters are getting themselves into.”

Hewali called on the government to create policies and incentives for young men and women to venture into small business.

He said there should be better mechanics for business houses operating in this industry to clamp down on such illegal activities.

Hewali urged all young girls in the industry to look for a positive change that instilled Christian principles and values.