Pastoral student urges church leaders to join fight against virus


IN light of the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic Papua New Guinea is facing, a pastoral studies student has issued a challenge to church leaders and missionaries to join the fight against the virus.
Kilian Mundi of Rock Life Ministry in Lae said since the Covid-19 cases were detected in the country, only Government employees and business houses had taken up the work of awareness and being in the front line.
“Being a religious man, with a religious point of view, I will term this pandemic as ‘spiritual warfare’ and that is why I am calling on all spiritual leaders to take their post in the front line,” he said.
Mundi said the Government had used significant resources in controlling the spread of the pandemic and managing cases.
“The Government and business houses have used all the experts and technology that they have and all of this is still to no avail so we need the spiritual leaders to play their part in this pandemic too,” he said.
“Leaders from most churches in PNG are taking a back seat in this pandemic and are only thinking of their own churches and keeping themselves safe from the Covid-19.”
Mundi called on churches to pray together and ensure messages on prevention and protection were spread to their congregations.