Pastors condemn ‘immoral’ bill

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FIVE senior pastors and members of the National Capital District minister’s fraternal have called on parliamentarians not to support any laws or bills that will allow immoral behaviour and destructive practices among the people.
Rev Tony Dalaka, senior pastor and superintendent of the Assemblies of God church; chairman of NCD faith-based-organisation HIV Network Pr Daniel Hewali; minister’s fraternal president, Vincent Miria; Debeinis living waters ministries president Peter Solomon; and Pr Avia Hagane of PNG frontiers mission, said they believed Parliament had received submissions on legalising gay and lesbian marriages.
The ministers told reporters last Thursday that two separate bills on gay and lesbian practices and prostitution were being drafted but did not say which minister was pushing the bill.
They made reference to news articles about the Cabinet meeting in Kimbe last week which reported that a bill on gay and lesbian marriages would soon go before Parliament.
Staff from the Parliament’s bills and papers division said they had not received any submissions on the subject.
“We have not sighted anything of that sort here and are not aware if submissions have been made or if NEC has cleared any submissions,” an officer from the Parliamentary division said, adding that all papers and submissions were normally cleared by the NEC  first before being tabled.
“We are not aware if any such bill was being prepared but if it is like they (pastors) say, then it is probably on its way.”
However, Rev Dalaka and his group said they believed that such a bill was being prepared by certain individuals from Parliament with aid from outside.
“We know certain individuals are planning on pushing the bill and that preparation for the bill has been muted by these individuals who want it to become a law before it becomes public knowledge,” Rev Dalaka said.
He said they believed these individuals were aided and influenced by a group of foreigners who were offering “big money under the table”.
“As leaders of the church, we strongly prohibit the legalisation of gay, lesbian or homosexual practices including prostitution and strongly ask our leaders and the Government to refrain from passing these laws,” Rev Dalaka said.