Pastors told to defend church from external pressures


EVANGELICAL Lutheran church of Papua New Guinea pastors have been challenged to defend the church in every way possible from external pressures, says Head Bishop Rev Dr Jack Urame.
He made the remarks at the 14th National Pastors Conference at Zenag in Mumeng, Bulolo in Morobe on Sunday.
About 500-plus pastors from the 17 districts of the ELCPNG attending a week-long hosted by ELCPNG Mumeng.
Rev Urame told the pastors that attending such conference was all about strengthening each other and a time of refreshing in the work of God.
“It is a key subject that I’m putting out so that during your time of discussions you have one focus and that is to look at the welfare of the church and extend its work,” he said. “There will be differences, you will have your opinions and rights to express but it is about helping us and not about putting one down.”
Rev Urame told the pastors that there was a huge challenge before them unlike in the past as with so many religious movements sprouting.
“It has challenge me, our mission work and the church,” he said.
“We talk about small issues in the church, but, at the same time, the external pressure from outside is pressuring so we must stand strong to defend the church.
“Martin Luther didn’t just preach but defended the church so we too must take on that challenge.”
“When I talk about the issues of the church, I’m not looking at making my name today, but looking at the future of the church line.”