Patching potholes, demanding money from motorists illegal: N’dranou


National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’dranou says youths patching potholes and demanding money from motorists along Central highways is illegal.
Perou said such activities on the road by youths were usually combined with harassment and even holdups if their demand was refused.
“It shows how lazy they are, that nothing productive they can contribute to,” he said.
Perou said they collected money to drink and cause trouble in the community.
The current Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) law says that motorists on the highway are not to be interfered with as it was breaching the new traffic law.
Vehicles slowing down have high chances of being held up and robbed, Perou said.
He said several youths were removed from the Magi Highway and Sogeri Road last week which patching the road.
“Especially those PMVs travelling from city to village are being attacked,” he said.
N’dranou said Central commander and his unit were responsible for addressing the issue.
“I cannot overstep his boundaries but I am helping by removing roadblock by boys on the road patching potholes,” he said.

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