Pato’s leadership


THERE is one group, the people of Wapenamanda, feels and left out when our favourite son, Rimbink Pato was stripped off of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.
Prime Minister James Marape, you have retained bulk of the past government ministers, but what made you overlook a high performing state minister foes no go down well with us – the people of Wapenamanda, PNG, the diplomatic community and our foreign partners and agencies.
To suit the arena and timing, the decision you made there was right to please every power breaker and collation parties, but when you are now confronted with the reality, the hope of the 8 million-plus people on your and declaring to make PNG the rich black nation, you need to work with some genuine working members.
Politics was played to overthrow the past regime and form a new government.
Now that the new government is in place, it’s now time to put political differences aside and start work with people who will get your job done.
The growth and progress of a nation depends on how you plan and execute your foreign policies and become an active player in the international arena in regards to trade and polities.