Patron saint honoured

Faith, Normal


THE Morata parish celebrated the feast day of its patron saint Martin de Poress last Sunday.
The celebration coincided with the launching of the church’s fundraising drive for new seats for the congregation.
The church would run the fundraising for a year in order to secure K100,000 to assist the church.
According to Parish priest Fr Don, what mattered the most for the fundraising was the people’s support through prayer in order to obtain good results.
During the mass, tribute was made to the saint for his intercession with God on behalf of Morata Catholic church, which has resulted in a lot of changes over the years.
De Poress was revered by the church and its congregation as a simple man of God who brought changes to the lives of many and was also eulogised for his gifts to communicate with animals.
With the hope that their patron saint would help achieve their fundraising target, the church also has other fundraising events planned.
One of the events is a classical guitar music performance by Edward Gende, a gifted guitarist.
The performance will take place next Saturday.