Patti ‘Potts’ Doi rocks Tabubil

Normal, Time Out

The National, Thursday 28th March 2013


KING of South Pacific music Patti ‘Potts’ Doi, rocked the mining township of Tabubil last week March 18-22 when he was a special guest at the National Mining Safety Week.

He was accompanied by John Hakalitz (drums), Steven Igal (bass), Molex Judas (guitar), Andy Mero (keyboard), Wesley Samuel (backup vocals).

The former Quakes band lead vocalist did not disappoint his Tabubil fans, performing two live gigs on Thursday and

Friday at the safety week expo at the indoor basketball stadium.

Patti also performed at the Golf Club on Friday night during the Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML) Departmental Quiz Challenge and on Saturday night at the Karanas Softball Club fundraising dance.

It certainly brought back memories to his diehard fans when he belted out some of his top hits like ‘Swit Love’, Lulu Oh and ‘Iau PJ’.

Apart from his live performances during the safety week expo, Patti Doi visited the Ok Tedi Mine and attended the morning pre-start meetings.

At the pre-start meetings he talked to mine employees on safety issues at their place of work.

“I told them in the morning that duty of care is important to the individual workers because it was their duty of care to abide to safety rules at the place of work.

“I stressed to them that it was important that they practiced safety at work so they could see their family at the end of their working day,” said Patti.

“I have been to other mining towns like Kutubu, Lihir and I came to Tabubil for the Hamamas Week a few years back, not as solo artist but as part of Quakes band, and the performance turned out really well and we enjoyed the experience.

“I like Tabubil a lot because of its cool weather and wonderful people but the experience itself is something I will also remember,” said Patti.