Pay delay frustrating


I AM disappointed with the delay in allowances for police officers in Northern.
This is frustrating when foreign troops get paid while the local officers are not.
We are in the third phase of the lockdown.
We have been waiting since the first announcement of lockdown.
Money allocated for such should be paid as we have families to look after, commitments to honour
The Covid-19 operation is risky with two deaths have already been recorded.
It is a life or death situation now for frontline workers.
Comparing the rate at which people are dying around the world and the money that I should be receiving seems unfair.
If these funds are parked here in the Oro administration office or at Governor Gary Juffa’s office, please release that money.
We are already days into the third phase of the lockdown.
Northern borders three different provinces; Morobe, Central and Milne Bay.
People can easily travel back and forth in these provinces everyday.
And it would be very easy for the coronavirus to enter Northern.
Money secured and spared for this deadly virus operation in Northern should be immediately probed and tabled.
It has already started in Port Moresby and our Popondetta books should be checked too.


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