Pay glitch

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THE Teaching Service Commission estimates that around 10,000 teachers were taken off the payroll last week, according to chairman Baran Sori.
Sori said the auto-suspense system kicked in during the eighth fortnight pay – which was last week.
The teachers did not find any money when they went to check their bank accounts last week.
He said the automatic suspension of their pay was because their resumption of duty summary sheets had not been received by the payroll section in Port Moresby.
He said in some cases where the teachers had filed the forms, the provincial education authorities had delayed the remission to the payroll division in Port Moresby.
Sori said there were about 56,000 teachers around the country.
“That number (10,000) is a good figure but will be reduced in the coming fortnights as resumption forms are received from provinces,” he said.
“Now it’s the responsibility of the teachers to report to the provincial education office.”
He said all resumption of duty sheets were processed every week.
“It does not stop here. Any that come in, they continue to process them.”
Sori said teachers currently teaching would be assisted to get back on the payroll but those not teaching would remain off it.
He said the payroll division was yet to provide the total number of teachers registered on the payroll this year.
“I have requested total number registered but payroll has not given the number. 10,000 are on auto suspense,” he said.
Northern education adviser Maino Vegoli said 162 teachers from the 950 who filled in the forms at the beginning of the year were not paid.
Meanwhile, East Sepik reported that more than 900 teachers were affected. Sandaun reported that 617 teachers were not paid.