Pay rise for teachers

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013


THE 48,700 teachers in the country will receive an increase in salaries and allowances for the next three years.

This follows an agreement signed yesterday between the Teaching Services Commission and the Teachers Association.

Witnessing the signing were Education Vice-Minister Gisuwat Siniwim and the Department of Personnel Management secretary John Kali.

The three-year agreement will be effective from Jan 1. It lapses on Dec 31, 2016. 

It provides an increase in base salaries and Teaching Service allowances.

Other increases include : Head teachers responsibility allowances, multi-grade teaching allowances; boarding school duty allowances; rural remote disadvantage allowance and domestic market allowances for substantive TSO7 and above ranging from K3,000 to K15,000.

Teaching Service Commission chairman Baran Sori said negotiations began last April. The final agreement was reached on October 25.

“The increase is to recognise teachers’ continuous work pressure and inconveniences, work conditions, extra-curricular activities and workloads from the increase in class sizes,” he said.  

He encouraged teachers to be passionate about their work and display loyalty and commitment as it was a noble profession.

Teachers Association national president Tommy Hecko said they would be committed in their profession. 

He said teachers had the important role of imparting knowledge. The agreement includes salary scale adjustment from the current TSO1 to TSO2 and TS11 to TS12. 

Entry salary point for primary teachers will be TSO2, high school and secondary schools will be TSO3 and national high school TSO4. Technical colleges’ entry level is elevated from TSO5 to TSO6.