Pay up retrenched PNGDF servicemen

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday March 17th, 2014

 WE, the retrenched PNGDF servicemen in Vanimo, would like to voice our concern over the delay of payment for risk and hardship allowances while serving in trouble-torn Bougainville from 1989 to 1999. 

The former and current governments have failed to settle this. 

Our leaders have compiled our claims. 

The Ombudsman Commission instructed the chief secretary  to  the prime minister’s department to pay us , but this has not eventuated. 

We wish to inform the government that proper retrenchment procedures were  not followed. 

We  were handpicked for the down-sizing exercise.  Some  have  served  the force for four or five years and were made redundant  and are roaming the streets without employment. 

There are 1,360 of us from Vanimo who were retrenched  and  we  urge the government to instruct Theo Zurenuoc to release our payment as we will hold the state liable and take this matter to the highest court if we have to. 


Mathew Aiha