Pay ward councillors


WARD councillors from the Dreikikier Rural local level government (LLF) in East Sepik want a fair and prompt response from their LLG mangers regarding their next salaries.
Several ward councillors have not been paid any amount of money for more than six months.
The LLG managers should explain why payments have been delayed. We have families to support but were not able to do so without the payments. We want respective LLG managers to ensure that all salaries are paid in full before the next elections.
They play a vital role at the community level and deserve to be rewarded with at least something to help themselves and their families get by.
Most of the ward councillors are vanilla farmers who do not depend on Government support as they depend mostly on money received from the sale of vanilla beans.
However, with the Coronavirus pandemic, the drastic drop in vanilla prices have affected their incomes and have forced them to depend on their little salaries.

Concerned Pikinini Drex 02