Payback a ‘hindrance’

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 29th, 2013

 PNG Power acting chief executive officer John Tangit has urged people in the Highlands region to open up the area to improved electrical services.

Speaking during the company’s anniversary celebrations in Goroka, Tangit said compensation demands were a great hindrance to electricity services reaching into the interior parts of the region.

Tangit said the company wanted to improve its electricity supply in the country and people in the Highlands must change their attitude to enable the company to reach isolated areas.

He said PNG Power staff based in the Highlands provinces have a duty to ensure public safety. He urged the people to support them by reporting faults so that a safe and reliable electricity supply can reach all.

He said PPL was the sole producer of electricity in PNG and attributed its success to the loyalty and dedication of its staff.

Tangit warned against bribery and power thefts and told people who conducted such practices to stop immediately.