Paying for free service


was at the Western Highlands District Court registry office to get my statutory declaration form signed and stamped by a Commissioner for Oaths.
To my surprise, officers in there were collecting K2 for a form which I know and believe is supposed be free.
The officers were demanding poor people pay K2 or else their forms won’t be signed.
One of the male officers started screaming and said: “Sapos yupela les bai me squashim paper blo yupela na tromoi go lo rabis bin” (If you do not want, I will squeeze your paper and throw it into the bin).
A few paid but the majority left their forms and walked away.
Some people left their forms unattended and walked away because they did not have extra K2 to pay.
I am calling on the responsible authority at the Court House to confirm if this practice is approved.

Ples-meri – Pabrabuk