Paypowa: Leaders’ ignorance costly to Baiyer LLG

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013


A CANDIDATE for the Baiyer LLG president’s seat in Western Highlands says he is contesting the elections to fight against corruption.

John Paypowa said since Independence the people of Baiyer LLG had missed out on many basic services due to what he claimed was negligence by local, provincial and national leaders.

“There have been claims that a lot of money was spent on tangible development in Baiyer district alone but to date we are not seeing anything,” he said.

“Secondly, over the last 30 years Baiyer LLG retained successive

 illiterate presidents who did not really perform their roles and responsibilities as chairmen for the Baiyer LLG and these were contributing factors.”

He said the presidents had failed to take part in making important 

decisions concerning the general running of the council administration, setting visions and policies, making laws for the administration, and the ward financial records on the use of public funds.

Paypowa said it is about time 

people had the initiative to vote in good, vibrant and educated leaders to take the lead for change. He called for a different style of voting.