PBCB sets out agenda

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

PNG Professional Boxing Control Board chairman Bernard Fong advised all  professional boxers that the current suspension of professional boxing in the country was still in place.
However, the PNGPBCB, working closely with the sports minister’s office, would lift the suspension on Jan 17.
The board warned any promoters or boxers found to be in breach of the suspension period would  be liable for prosecution.
All promoters, fighters, coaches, trainers/corner men, managers, referees and judges must now apply for a licence from the control board.
The annual licensing fees for professional boxing positions were for a promoter’s licence (K1,000), managers (K200), coaches, trainers, cornermen and cutman (K150) while bout officials such as referees and judges will pay K50.
It will cost a fighter K100 to obtain a six-month license.
Fong emphasised that it would be illegal to be involved in professional boxing without any of the stipulated licences.
He said to arrange for application forms, applicants would need contact the PNGPBCB secretary Glen Winstanley on  72101001.
The control board also  announced that beginning   next November, and following years, the professional  boxing would stage the PNG Professional Boxing Titles.
This will enable the board to rank all fighters in all division with any of the major world sanction bodies.
A national ranking will also allow  match makers and promoters to properly match all domestic professionals against each other and international opponents.